Our mission statement is simple. Preach the gospel to every nation, make disciples and equip believers to reach the world.

In 1997, while in seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, I attended a Missions Conference whose guest speaker was Rev. Gordon Mallory. That service changed my life forever. I will never forget the vision that the Lord showed me during the altar service. I was standing out in space looking at the earth as it slowing turned. In front of the earth, appeared a huge doorframe with the door standing wide open. That’s when I heard the word of the Lord say, “I have called you to the nations. Will you go?” When I answered “yes”, a large hand appeared behind me and gently pushed me through the open door. More than eighteen years later that vision still consumes me. It’s my conviction that every person deserves an opportunity to experience the gospel.

The nations are waiting. The time to go is now.

National Goals

  • Evangelize the lost and hurting across America.
  • Encourage the pastor and his family.
  • Equip and establish the saints of God.
  • Strengthen pastor/saint relationships.

International Goals

  • Evangelize every nation with the Gospel.
  • Show genuine love and respect for the local culture.
  • Equip hundreds of future leaders by teaching in the Bible College.
  • Strengthen national pastors.
  • Train national saints to evangelize their community.
  • Assist in developing national evangelists.
  • Establish a sense of global responsibility for reaching the lost through ethical methods.
  • Conduct crusades and camps throughout the region.