How to tell if you are part Filipino

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fabricWe will be VERY busy and I love it!

Tuesday, after class, we took our first trip to Divisoria. Trent wanted to be able to look for barong fabric and I needed to pick up a few things for our guests that are here for Spiritual Emphasis Week and a Crusade. Tuesday was also Ma’am Flowers birthday! Wow! I cannot wait to celebrate my birthday sometime in the PI! It starts as early as you wake up and continues until you go to bed! Greetings, cake, presents, love and attention are POURED out to honor you on your special day. Sis. Flowers was serenaded at 5 am by the students who tried to surprise her with a cake, but she ended up surprising them and nearly lost her cake in the process! HA! The students were not expecting her to swing open her door at 5 am but she did and surprised/scared them before they could her! Ella and I had a balloon bouquet made for her at National Bookstore! Such a fun little idea and I believe she loved it. Ella enjoyed bossing the girls around at the store telling them how she wanted it just so.

We are thrilled beyond measure to have Bro. Stephen Hill and his mother, Sis. Hill, here with us. Bro. Hill has been preaching the Spiritual Emphasis Chapel services (to the students) and will be preaching a crusade service (supported by the local churches/pastors) on Friday & Sunday.

There are many things about living here that are a bit different than living in the US, but I am surprised at how easily I slipped back into the PI habit of doing things. I know that when I return home, I will probably have to adjust back to life there, as well. One of the first lessons you will learn in the PI is to buy it when you see it. HA!! I’m not sure if it’s how they receive shipments or how things are imported (from Australia) but chances are you may never see that item or brand ever again. I was surprised to find Kraft Macaroni & Cheese at Unimart. Yes, I bought 2 boxes at P88 (About $2/box)! I doubt I will see it again, unless I go to S&R (the PI Costco/Sams).

Trent is getting along pretty well here with the broken foot. He is fighting wearing that big ol’ heavy & hot boot, and no doubt counting down the days/weeks until he can take it off. The students are very concerned for him and I’ve had several ask me about him and if there is anything he needs or that they can do for him. I believe, if he needed a student to carry him up and down the steps at the school, there would be a little war as to who would get the honor. Haha!!!

My kids are at home here. Yes, despite the heat, they are playing hard and making new friends and re-aquainting themselves with the 2nd year students. The girls are enamored with Ella and have spoiled her completely rotten! She comes in from playing outside with candy, sweets, and has acquired 2 masks that she will wear to town! Jon is teaching the boys how to ride skateboard. He is able to skate a little here at the school and will practice his tricks and it is mesmerizing to the boys! They also try to ride, but have not got the hang of it yet.

One of the most surprising things for me, is the heat. I have been cold, yes COLD, here!! I am not sure if I’ve just turned part Filipino or because it is the rainy season, but I’ve found myself shivering at times! HA!!! To clarify, I am only cold when we are indoors (in the apartment, the office or at the mall or restaurants). The AirCon here is intense (which is lovely and quite refreshing!) but on damp skin can be very chilly. It’s ok. I will take it!

That is enough rambling for one post. I just wanted to give an update and brief glimpse of life so far. Even though it is the first week of a totally new school year, it seems like very little time has passed since we were here last.