Leaks, Lizards & Lysol

In Ambers Blog by Eric Kastle

typhoonOk, first of all, we braved our first typhoon of the season here. Torrential rains and flooding and although we did not have any flooding here, we did discover some leaks in the kitchen ceiling. A tiny little river was running the length of the kitchen when I got up the next morning. Thankfully, the rains stopped and the floods (in other parts of the city) subsided fairly quickly and so far, just “normal” rain and no more leaks.

We have a “pet” lizard. Now, normally, I would be screaming and panicking about having a reptilian creature living in my home, but I am much more terrified of dengue fever (google it!) than a little 6 inch lizard. I believe they are geckos and pretty harmless. All I know is they eat mosquitoes, so I am ok with ONE living in my house. As long as he/she stays hidden most of the time, we get along quite well. The lizards are VERY common here and just yesterday, I noticed our lizard must be a “mommy lizard” as there were TWO babies under my sink. Here I am, minding my own business, trying to get a trash bag from under the sink, and two teeny tiny lizards are just sitting there taunting me. I forgave them for not knowing the “one lizard per household rule” and was quite pleased when Dodong (the resident driver, handyman & apparently exterminator) came to my rescue and captured the babies & set them free. The mommy is still here…she escaped behind a cabinet. Again, she and I have an unspoken agreement about staying hidden and just eating the mosquitoes (thankyouverymuch), so she can stay.

Which brings us to Lysol. Oh, the wonders of Lysol. Apparently, I ate something that did NOT agree with my US tummy and it sent me into one nightmare of a bellyache. I have been either in bed, on the couch or in the CR (bathroom) for what seems like a miniature eternity. After nearly a week of this nonsense, I stopped eating because I was SICK of visiting the CR after every meal. Liquids seem to stay in place better, so for two days, I was liquids only. I decided that since my stomach seemed to be cooperating better that it was time to return to class. Trent (bless his heart!!!) had been teaching his classes AND taking my classes as well! I felt sorry for him, and thought I could at least do this class and then get back downstairs, have some breakfast (dry toast) and be fine. Totally totally totally NOT THE CASE. I made it through the entire lesson, and was just wrapping things up when I began to see spots. This was not my first rodeo with passing out, so I knew what was coming next, so I tried to excuse myself so I could get a seat in the office until my head felt better. I never made it. I woke up with the students hovering over me and Bro. Flowers fanning me with some papers. Trent was there and I struggled to come to. After several different people giving the account to different people, I finally figured out what happened. I passed out, hit my chin (virtually knocking myself out) and then fell backwards & hit my head (possibly on the wall). After getting me downstairs and tiny bit of food on my stomach, I STILL felt awful. Nauseous and dizzy, I struggled to stay alert. I went to the doc and he gave me meds for my stomach issues. Now, I didn’t know at the time I had hit my head, or likely I would have had to have further testing done. I didn’t find any of that out until several days later. Anyway, the meds seem to help immediately (thank you JESUS!!!!) but I was still struggling with dizziness & being lightheaded & foggy brained. I kept thinking: “I wonder if I gave myself a concussion…” Well, after hearing a more accurate account, I’m fairly certain I did just that. Go me!!!

I have been doing my best to just lay low. Resting and keeping my movements limited as much as possible. No headaches and no nausea, so I’m pretty sure my head is gonna be OK soon. I still have a bit of dizziness and fatigue, but next week is testing here at the school, so it will be a “light week” for me, and I believe after that I should be as good as new.

Today is Sunday, and I stayed home while the kids went to PARC with Grandee & Papa Flowers. Trent is preaching out today in Cavite.

I know that a little network of prayer has been going up for me and my family while we are here and I am truly humbled by the support & love from everyone. Y’all are the greatest!!! Thank you so much for caring about us and I am truly sorry for all the worry this has caused. Ugh…so not my style!